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    I wonder if the OP is too quick to assume he won't like the Passport keyboard. Most of us who've tried it have found it to be more than satisfactory. There's a learning curve, but it's not that steep, and for viewing and editing documents the screen is great.
    I agree. Not having that 4th row of keys is not bad enough to cancel the awesomeness of the high end hardware and superb screen. And knowing you're getting a device that'll run the newest blackberry 10 updates well for some time to come.

    Oh yeah and the relatively long battery life.

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    01-07-15 01:43 AM
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    Specs are just whistles. iPhone specs still sticks to dual core. Why? Because it can perform at it's best because their hardware-software compatibility. Which is BlackBerry has the same.

    BlackBerry is the Extension of my Hand
    BlackBerry neither uses a 64 bit architecture, nor are they designing their CPUs/GPUs/SoCs themselves.

    In that regard, BlackBerry and Apple are nothing alike.
    When you include Android apps and the Android player into the equation (basically, BB10 runs another OS alongside of itself), it's painfully obvious why BlackBerry phones as a whole need better specs ( not only the Classic).

    But yeah, if you believe that using a random SoC from TI (BlackBerry), is the same as designing your own chips (Apple) ...
    I probably can't help you?

    I have used the Bold 9900, I am using (used to use) the Q10, and now I am moving to the Classic, and what I can tell you is this; based on what you have said that you want to use the phone for and how you plan to use it, the Classic is definitely not underpowered for a daily driver. The Classic's specs are very similar to the Q10's, and with 7 different email addresses, Twitter, Facebook, 2 Microsoft OneDrive Accounts, Viber and a bunch of Android banking apps and sports apps loaded on it, my Q10 was never sluggish to run anything I needed it to run there and then..., and my battery lasted at least 15 - 18 hours each day before I had to recharge it. (I don't play games on my phones, so I cannot comment on game performance on it). If the Classic specs and performance mirrows the Q10, I will suggest to you that you stick to the Classic..., there's no Android, iOS or Windows Phone out there that's going to give you what you want the way the Classic (or the Q10, or Passport if you can deal with the width, I couldn't) can give it to you.

    I hope this helps...,
    The Classic is a Q10/Z10 going by its internals
    Everyone who had one of those, should know exactly how the Classic performs.

    And conversely, everyone who owns one of those, and thinks (even after having performed real life tests) that it performs on par with modern devices, probably just has such low standards, that it truly doesn't matter if they pay 450$ for the Classic or 450$ for a phone with specs from today.
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    01-07-15 08:51 AM
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    I've just finished watching my 8th video review of the Classic. Even the BB haters are impressed. It isnít so much the amount of cores in a phone itís the how the OS is written that counts and how the user interface with it. If youíre a BB user your brain is wired for efficiency. Itís like shopping for a wife. Youíll date a lot of very pretty women, but you wonít necessarily want to take them home to meet Mom and Dad! Good luck on your quest.
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    Get the Classic or Goodbye BlackBerry?-img_20150108_150128.png

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    01-08-15 02:20 PM
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    I am a very heavy professional user. Minimal games and videos dozens of phone calls and hundreds of emails (multiple email addresses) texts and even the occasional fax all from my phone each day. The Classic is proving to be more up to the task than my Q was. I was worried about it being underpowered and about the unswitchable battery. Both concerns are proving unfounded. It is a workhorse that combines many of the perks I missed from my long gone 9900 with a tuned-up version of everything that was good about the Q10. If you depend on your phone to function, don't mess with overpowered toys that can also be somewhat functional. Rely on a busy person's tool. In my opinion, despite my skepticism, this phone is almost perfect.

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    01-08-15 09:26 PM
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    @Shanerredflag Remember? Nope. Someone else you're thinking of?

    @all Thanks for your input.
    Granted each has one's own preferences, yet it is wiser to learn by the mistakes of others than one's own.
    It was particularly interesting to hear from those with Android experience, and hadn't heard of the 'framentation' type issues before and how sluggish they can become.

    Haven't been able to get a hands on in the store as yet with the Classic or Passport, but hope to in the near future when they're both in stock.
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    I would love to get the classic right now at full retail price if Verizon got their heads out of their asses!

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    01-15-15 09:44 AM
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    btw it took me like 3 months to get good at the passport keyboard. My muscle memory would always hit ZZZ after each sentence from the Q10 muscle memory. I think alt period is wat i was trying to hit...
    Did you not know that pressing space twice at the end of a sentence does the same thing?

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    01-15-15 04:10 PM
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