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    Hi guys,

    Just bought two cases for my Classic and wanted to share my thoughts with ya'll on these two.

    Fosmon DURA-FROST Slim Fit
    I got this one for $4.99 off Amazon -- it's your typically TPU case. A lot like all the other TPU cases out there (such as the Tudia, Amzer, InventCase, etc.) If you've ever had a TPU case, your experience with this piece will be a nostalgic stroll through memory lane. A little lacking grip-wise, but not a bad piece of protection for your phone. It has a grainy texture on the back which feels pretty good on your palm, especially if you tend to have clammy hands. It also is a little on the chunkier side -- adding a bit of bulk to your device but also giving you the "bumper" protection for the not-metal rim around your Classic. All-in-all, not a bad find.
    Fosmon DURA-FROST & Leevin Frosted Cases-fosmoncase.jpg

    Nillkin\Leevin Frosted Hard Case
    Unlike the one above, this one's not flexible, but somewhat rigid. Double the price (got this one for $11.80 off Amazon) of the above, but nicer packaging, come with a screen protector, and feels lovely. The form factor reminds me so much of my Poetic Pallette slim case for my Q10 (which I loved to death until the grippy texture started to peel)! The back has a nice bumpy texture which doesn't really add much grip, but definitely minimizes the plasticy-ness of having a case on. What I love about this case is how slim the profile of it is. It hugs the sides of your device closely, preventing denting or chipping on the right and left sides (not so much the bottom or top), but it does so with a svelte elegance. Needless to say, this is the one I've opted to use.
    Fosmon DURA-FROST & Leevin Frosted Cases-nillkencase.jpg

    Also, on a side-note, I got the iCarez Clear HD screen protector for my Classic for $3.95. Pretty standard as far as screen protectors go. One thing I don't like is that it adds a bit of resistance to the touch screen (i.e. my finger doesn't glide like it does with the original glass). I know if I want to emulate the original, I'll probably need to get a tempered glass screen protector (best decision EVER for my Z10), but it would be nice if scientists would stop trying to colonize Mars and cure cancer for a week and just sort this nonsense out.
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    I'm looking for a case for my Classic that's lighter than the nice Incipio aluminum one I have now. What I really like about this case I have now is a lip around the front that is at least 1-2 mm. Do those two cases of yours fit what I am seeking?

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