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    I am currently using a Q10 and I've been thinking to get Classic. I am having a lot of issues with my Q10 like double typing, battery issues etc. So all the classic users please let me know what are flaws in Classic so I can make my mind accordingly.

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    01-02-15 09:14 AM
  2. Honkii's Avatar
    I have only but a few problems with mine. Problems that are causing me to remove it from my ecosystem.

    Browser - slow at times to respond, other times stupidly fast. Hopefully this will be fixed with a patch. This can be lived with no problem.

    Android integration - if like me, you need all but 3 apps to use your cell. You will have no problems. Providing those three apps are available. If they are not, they will make your experience so miserable you won't enjoy using it. I know, I have two apps that I live on for work and they are very very very mediocre at best.

    Other than the one major problem above, the device is a delight. Great to type on, the trackpad is brilliant and I do not find myself using the touch screen at all. I have always had a second phone with me, so when I had my Q10 I never really noticed the app problem. But trying to live solely of the BlackBerry became very difficult. But again, totally depends on what you need it for.

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    01-02-15 10:04 AM

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