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    The only thing I disliked about them, and all touch screens, is that they are a fingerprint magnet. I find it very annoying to have to clean the screen so often (maybe I have over oily fingers). I miss the days of a smudgeless screen. Played with the Classic and it seems the toolbelt reduces this. Is this your experience Classic owners?

    I have very oily fingers, and also hate fingerprint-smudged screens. This was one of the reasons I switched from a Z30 to a Classic. Apart from Android apps and some native apps, you can do 99% of what you need to without touching the screen. Some of the icons that pop up along the bottom of the screen I press just because it's quick and I don't need to adjust my grip. Pretty much all of the times that it's more convenient to touch the screen happens with the bottom-aligned icons.

    The toolbelt gives you workarounds to touching the screen for the most part. For example, instead of using the Hub swipe, you can just hit End to minimize and return to the Home screen, then swipe left across the trackpad to get into the Hub. If you don't want to do anything in the Hub after all, you just hit the End key again to go back to the Home screen and click on the trackpad to re-enter whatever app you were in (the last app used will stay highlighted). It's just as fast as using the touchscreen method to do the same thing (actually faster in some cases).

    It depends on which apps you tend to use, but if you master the trackpad + toolbelt + custom key shortcuts, you will get very fast at doing what you want and almost never need to touch the screen.

    From a Classic
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