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    1) can I make a call, text msg/bbm and email without touching the screen once. That means from locked to end of communication I don't touch the screen. I know the U and enter will bring up the unlock screen and there are shortcuts to do a lot of things but commuting in Canada in the winter is cold and is worse if I have to take gloves off.

    2) does blend work with the playbook, it just says computers and tablets, really hoping that includes the PB. If so does anyone know how it compares to the old bridge?

    And just to be clear, I love my q10 but if this can do those two things it will be a must have for me.

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    12-17-14 05:57 PM
  2. momofteme's Avatar
    yes on not touching the screen, i can do that on a Q with the new software.

    Blend I dont think the playbook is capable, but I dont know for sure. Can you sideload the android version?
    12-17-14 06:03 PM
  3. len pothier's Avatar
    It would seem your correct about blend and from what I can see it requires 4.4. I was really hoping that emails could once again live on my phone so if the playbook was lost I wouldn't risk loosing them.

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    12-17-14 06:51 PM
  4. cycle_wala's Avatar
    1) Yes, you can do that.
    To compose SMS,
    U, enter ╗ Press hold M╗ hit C╗ hit S╗ input contact name/number╗ enter╗ input message content╗ enter╗ hit End key.

    For BBM, use B instead of S.
    Email, use the associated key (this keeps adding on depending on number of accounts).

    You could do all this on the Q10 / Passport too with except for the returning to homescreen. No End key.

    2) Playbook is not supported for blend. And I don't see it getting supported anytime in the future too.

    PS. M is the default shortcut key for BlackBerry hub (one can change it though). C for compose.
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    12-17-14 10:22 PM

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