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    Does anyone know if there is a way to activate a sound effect when launching a speed dial or other shortcut on the Classic? I am surprised this wasn't enabled by default when keyboard shortcuts were introduced.

    This is one feature that I think was really nice on the previous BBOS. When you would speed dial, there was a fast dialing sound effect that played. With the Classic, I notice that the speed dial and other shortcuts don't launch as fast. I'm not sure if that's because they had to build in a slightly longer delay to differentiate from someone doing a universal search. If there was a way to play a sound effect when a speed dial/shortcut was invoked, at least you would have an indicator of when to release the key press and also confirmation that the shortcut was invoked (so you don't have to necessarily keep your eyes on the device).

    I love the Classic, but add this to the list of small requests which this device needs in order to catch up to an equal UX when compared to the Bold 9900.
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    05-20-15 10:33 AM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    that feature doesn't exist on BB10 and while you think it's necessary to have it to catch up to OS7, i'm not so sure it's that important to everyone. Jus sayin
    05-21-15 05:33 AM
  3. terminatorx's Avatar
    By now I figured it doesn't exist. I wasn't saying it's a critical feature to catch up to OS7. It's just one of those small but nice to have features that was present on the previous OS, which should at least be maintained as a toggle.

    BBOS up until v7 was a very refined and robust product, and I'll bet if you trace back to the designers of OS7, there was a very good reason they introduced that fast dialing sound.
    05-22-15 10:18 AM
  4. Xagan Mista's Avatar
    It is really annoying and disappointing that they discontinued the sound response on speed dials !!!! It makes a big difference, yes a big one, especially given that the keyboard and its features are central to bb experience. No sound response makes you stare on the phone to make sure it processes the speed dial, while before you got the assurance of the dial immediately. Such details make all the difference in user experience.
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    08-19-15 12:55 PM

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