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    Is anyone else seeing problems with software between Verizon and Blackberry? I have had 2 Q10s and one Classic that are all draining battery, overheating and worse! consuming data at a rate ten fold more than usual. This is all since a mandatory software update hit my Q10 on July 11. Then the replacement Q10 did the same thing, and now the replacement Classic is doing the same thing. No solution in sight despite hours of BBerry and Verizon technical support. I am ready to leave my loved Blackberry over this. Is anyone else experiencing this?
    12-01-15 01:19 PM
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    Really would be nice to have a DTECK app....

    I'm on Verizon with a Z10... but left the official OS long ago. Don't remember those issues. Have you looked into doing a manual update of the OS to something newer?

    What does Device Monitor indicate is using most of the power?

    As it's multiple devices, I'd also look at your apps and accounts. Use one device and reset it to factory..... don't do a restore. And then add your accounts one at a time and test for a few hours before adding another. do the same with apps.
    12-01-15 01:43 PM
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    In numerous calls to Bberry and Verizon tech support, it appears that there is no device manager installable or workable on this Classic that will tell me what is open and consuming the data - only can be shown total usage numbers. I have same files and apps in play that were in play for the 6 months prior, and my behavior and use has not changed from those earlier 6 months. The problem has only appeared since that software update.

    From other threads, it appears that some Android apps might be running even though they look like they are closed. I also just learned about Ghost Commander from this forum (never mentioned in tech support) and I am trying that to see if it will allow me to identify what apps are running, close them and maybe solve this whole problem. This appears to be a hole in the BBerry OS, whereby something can remain open and running but not be detectable by normal bberry or phone views. My assumption is that hole was created or a product of the general software update in the summer, and thus resides on both the Q10 and the Classic. I had the Q10 successfully for months before without this issue arising.
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    12-01-15 02:06 PM

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