1. Myi66081's Avatar
    After finally getting my contacts to be synced with the methods mentioned in threads below I now have a lot of double contacts,while I have all my contacts from my Gmail account I also have my contacts saved in my local contacts, it's quite annoying to have doubles and duplicates of many of my contacts.

    So if you pull your finger from the top of the BlackBerry classic screen you get a bar which has help, refresh, and settings.
    Now if you click the settings icon one of the options on the very top says automatically merge contacts, it says if you turn off this feature you can continue to merge your contacts manually.
    Now that option happens to be on on my phone so what I did was took it off and re- put it back on and then when going to my contacts list I saw all my contacts merged.
    But gave it 5 hours in the day and went back to my contacts and guess what all my contacts un-merged again, not sure why or is there fixed to this?
    Or what am I doing wrong here?
    Thanks guys in advance.
    06-29-19 10:54 PM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    BB10 Contact App... could have used a little more development.

    What I did... deleted all local contacts (or backup/export and then merge back via your email service) and never used those. Had two synced accounts, one of work and one personal, with a few overlaps that I was able to manually merge.
    07-01-19 01:51 PM

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