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    Put the Classic in rice overnight (recommended) to absorb moisture, plugged in and light came on then vibrated for a few seconds then stopped. Have a new Classic spare phone , got working with my house WiFi, but need to get unlock code as locked to At and T, live in Australia, use telstra mobile sim. Connected to computer and bb link showed said when picture of phone came on screen click to register. Did not happen and phone did not show on screen and bb link locked can’t return to main link screen. Used to be able to get old phone info on computer through Bb Blend, could not back up from there. Any suggestions/fix appreciated, unfortunately BB does not provide any assistance in AUS. Help I am using old iPhone 4 as emergency, hate it ! Was just about to order a Key 2 so still would like access to data on ‘drowned’ Classic.
    12-21-18 06:31 PM

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