1. rlmartin2's Avatar
    I tried to download Audible from the droid store, but after I purchased it with PayPal, It did not seem to download. Has anyone had this issue? (Using a blackberry Classic)
    08-11-20 11:52 PM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    Purchased it? Things people do to try and get apps for unsupported devices.

    I don't know if Audible still works on BB10 or not, hopefully someone can let you know if they have it working and how they managed to do it.... without paying.

    I'd look at Yalp from FDroid and install it, and then try installing the Audible app.
    08-12-20 07:46 AM
  3. rlmartin2's Avatar
    Thank you, I can try that maybe...
    08-20-20 06:38 PM
  4. medialinx's Avatar
    You don't need to purchase anything. The droid store is ripping off free copyright programs. Report them to the original creator and your local trading standards. They are selling intellectual property they don't own.

    Audible from amazon works fine on my classic as is without the need for a patch or paid app.

    Posted via CB10
    09-07-20 07:46 PM
  5. rlmartin2's Avatar
    Thank you.
    I will deal with the part of them trying to charge for that app.

    I do not see Audible App on BlackBerry World. Where should I download it from?
    Thanks so much!
    09-16-20 07:11 PM
  6. mh1983's Avatar
    09-17-20 03:47 AM

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