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    Hello Everyone,

    Our firm will be upgrading our user base from the Bold 9900 to a Classic.
    I'm not to big of a fan about this workspace only but at the same time I don't want our users using these devices as if its their personal. Plus client requirements have us going this route.

    Here are a couple questions I have because im not sure of an answer.

    1. Workspace Only + Blackberry Link. When going this route, trying to use the link software to perform a device switch isn't feasible unless your going to a dual workspace. You can transfer the data from old to new but once you begin a workspace only activation part of the process is to wipe the device. There goes your transferred data.

    2. Handheld customization and settings backed up to server. With BES 5/ 9900, it seems settings are stored on the server. Alarm settings, bookmarks, wifi settings etc. If I were to swap out a users 9900 device and provide a replacement. There was no worry about their custom settings brought down to the device during the sync. With a Classic / BES 10. This is not the case.
    example, I just created 10 bookmarks on my classic and added several wireless networks.
    I then wiped the device, started the workspace activation and once completed. I see none of those bookmarks and wifi networks.

    Could it be a setting on BEs 10.2 ?
    01-11-16 01:16 PM
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    1. I can't help with this one as we deploy COPE BlackBerry but I can understand why this is frustrating.

    2. You absolutely right that with legacy BlackBerry a new 9900 could be deployed and the user wouldn't skip a beat. With BlackBerry 10 and BES10 / 12 you should be able to push WiFi profiles to the devices http://support.blackberry.com/kb/articleDetail?articleNumber=000027149&language=Eng lish

    I know in our Work Space I had forced the browser to always open to a spacific page but I can't find the article.

    I I recall, you can also push browser short cuts to the home page

    Not the best answer I've ever given but I hope that helps
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    01-12-16 09:04 PM

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