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    Late night going through emails and one of those adverts comes in hit the delete button immediately and select OK. Suddenly I saw that I had selected the latest date instead of the message so all my 90 days last of emails started wiping.

    Me crying in vain I rebooted the classic with the hope of not loosing much. So after reboot I saw I lost a few days said what the heck then the smart classic continued wiping and wiping and wiping!

    Wiped Gmail email... not using it much just my registered email for public services and don't realy care.

    Wiped another account with few emails not really cared.

    Wiped my main business email which I did care a lot!!! So what did I do to try to salvage the situation.

    I first quickly changed my hub sync to that account to 1 hour to give me some thinking time. I had it in 5 minutes. I then went on the webmail app of my server and saw the emails where still on the server. Hope was not lost! I immediately deleted the account from my classic. I waited a few minutes and saw online still my emails where there. I re-inserted my account in the classic and all which was lost was magically back! Saved by calm thinking. The wonders of IMAP. If I had it on activesync I would probably be still crying now!

    Just my share of experience perhaps might help some people who might press like me.

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    11-01-15 08:34 PM
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    I just set it so it always deletes from device only.

    I then have a backup of all my emails on the server.

    Yes, I'm a hoarder.

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    11-01-15 08:50 PM
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    Well when you have an office PC, a Laptop, a Playbook and a Classic you Damn sure want all to be synced so can't set it to delete only from my phone for me. Out of so many years with BlackBerry is the first time I made such an error.

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    11-01-15 08:56 PM

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