08-19-16 03:02 PM
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  1. vimagreg's Avatar
    In 3 years unfortunately it'll be impossible to still use Classic in a daily base.

    08-18-16 07:33 PM
  2. curves2000's Avatar
    What does the browser situation look like?

    I know that a few people have complained about the browser and the quality of it but I don't have any issues.

    It's been sometime since an update for it occurred but as long as it continues to work like it is currently.

    I know a few of the diehards of the Bold 9900 are still clinging away to their devices, I am one of them as a strict messaging device.

    The browser on that phone isn't suitable for the majority of users outside of a very basic item. I use my Classic and 9900 but for Web browsing it's only the Classic.

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    08-18-16 07:39 PM
  3. acovey's Avatar
    In 3 years unfortunately it'll be impossible to still use Classic in a daily base.

    And why would that be?
    08-18-16 09:54 PM
  4. vimagreg's Avatar
    And why would that be?
    I think lack of apps will be a big problem. Incompatible sites and services too. Finally the hardware itself tend to decay in a daily base use, and we won't find easily a, say, battery to replace an old one. And we never know if Blackberry will offer any kind of support until then (it still offer?)

    I still try to use my Pre3 daily, just in comparison. I really love this gadget and love even more webOS. But is impossible, I found myself having to go back to iPhone so many times during my workday that I simply opt to leave my Pre3 in home.
    That's my opinion, just. Look, I really hate the duopoly Android-iPhone. I really do. The two simply aren't good systems, there were so many so better options out there that I get myself frustrated that these two wins. But it wins. And in 3-5 years I think this would be just worse. If you don't have an Android or iPhone you just won't be able to use all internet have to offer to you. And if you don't care about that so, well, you have a Classic or a dumb phone will make no difference at the end of the day, at all. Sad, but unfortunately true...

    08-19-16 06:01 AM
  5. kuje75's Avatar
    I wish I could but I really need to have whatsapp. So, unless they figure out a way to use it on BB10, I have to put it in my drawer.

    08-19-16 09:20 AM
  6. figgs96's Avatar
    For sure ill use it till the end of the year, then I will take a look at the what's app situation. If the android version works and it's good enough.

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    I've downloaded the android version and it's okay. However I am unable to send pictures to people which sucks

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    08-19-16 09:42 AM
  7. elgolfman's Avatar
    Yes - will never pry it out my hands. I may buy a new one to keep as a back up.

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    08-19-16 02:43 PM
  8. blackmass's Avatar
    3-5 years is too long a time considering the rate of technology change these days.
    I feel there are going to be too many tempting devices on the market in 2-3 years & they r going to hav top specs.
    Wireless charging may get a completely new meaning with energous's wattup technology.
    Just think 32gb was a lot of memory in 2013. iPhone 7 is rumoured to hav wattup & 256gb of storage.
    On the security side turing phone / Blackphone r sure going 2 give a tough competition 2 bb. Android wud hav either evolved to a much smoother os by then or wud hav been pushed to a lower market share. It wud be the time of iot & modules.
    All these issues may pull away the loyal customers of bb, unless bb starts adopting these features into their hardware. Give them a bb 10 like experience on an Android device & hide the os from the user.
    5 years is too long a time.
    Think of the Android devices & iphones that were there in 2011.
    We wud be having 5g tech by 2021 & Intel wud be making the 5g chip.
    It wud b possible 2 run pc apps on a phone called surface phone by then.
    And there is so much more.
    Had only blackberry done the iPhone....

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    08-19-16 03:02 PM
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