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    Following a sync on the Intouch app for my Classic, I discovered some entries were no longer visible in the Contact list. However, if the person calls, the phone correctly identifies them, and after the call, if I click "View contact" I can see my full entry, including all other info I have for them. But the contact still will not show up either by scrolling down the contact list, or by doing a search. I even tried editing and saving again, but that did not fix it.

    I have subsequently done a sync with BB Link, and it seems to have made the problem worse, with more entries disappearing. Does anybody know how to fix this?
    07-27-15 10:21 PM
  2. George_B's Avatar
    An interesting comment,

    Have my own issues with Contacts function, which hasn't been mentioned recently.

    First, my background
    Started with the BlackBerry 950, which was on a data network, not celluler
    Had the first cellular BlackBerry
    Had most BlackBerry BBOS models since then that have had a physical keyboard
    The 9900 is my main device, with 6,300 contact entries
    Have a Q10 with latest leak, just to keep up with new BB10 features

    Reason that I haven't moved to BB10 - it doesn't have Categories for contacts. as BBOS does !!!!

    Categories allows me to search quickly for contacts that are in a specific category.

    Still waiting for BB10 to get this feature that BBOS has.

    Since I haven't moved my contacts to the Q10 that I have for testing, I haven't run into the problem that bzavitz has.
    07-28-15 08:56 AM

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