Hey All!

    So, I don't think we got to see multitasking on the BlackBerry Classic, yet. (Correct me if I'm wrong)

    I also noticed the addition of the date on the home screen of the Classic too. I put together what I think I'd like for multitasking on the Classic.

    I wanted something unique, so I went with the much demanded resizable frames.

    Check out the .GIF of it in action,

    I've also attached pictures for you Mobile viewers!

    If you're on CB10, you can join my BBM Channel - DHabkirkDesigns to see a two separate animated clips. One currently exclusive to the channel.

    How would you want the active frames to be on the Classic? How many frames is too many?

    Attached Thumbnails [Concept] Multitasking on BlackBerry Classic-xahslp.jpg   [Concept] Multitasking on BlackBerry Classic-blackberry_classic_activeframes3.png   [Concept] Multitasking on BlackBerry Classic-blackberry_classic_activeframes2.png   [Concept] Multitasking on BlackBerry Classic-blackberry_classic_activeframes_stretched.png   [Concept] Multitasking on BlackBerry Classic-blackberry_classic_activeframes22.png  

    [Concept] Multitasking on BlackBerry Classic-screen-shot-2014-06-20-5.01.35-pm.png  
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  2. SalMan50's Avatar
    Those pictures are pretty damn good actually, the bottom bar whilst holding down may need to be highlighted so that a person knows they are about to drag the frame down to increase it and NOT just scrolling through all their open frames

    I've yet to see any videos of it in action, so we might have to see if it'll be a Classic/passport exclusive function, or if the first generation of BB10 devices will support it simply through 10.3

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    06-20-14 07:20 PM
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    Nice. I was kinda thinking the date would go away if you had frames open. Also I'm not much for interacting with frames except from tapping them and closing them. I would only like to resize fries if I can "pin" them down. Whenever I leave.a frame open for a reason I tend to accidently close them soon after. Muscle memory

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