1. K Ts's Avatar
    Hi All
    My blackberry classic wont turn on, when I press power button for few seconds, the red light goes on for 2-3 sec and goes off. the phone was not water damaged or anything, I cant reload the os because the phone cant connect to blackberry link. any suggestions?thnx
    09-17-16 03:18 PM
  2. eiruvrav's Avatar
    Did you try to plug it in or do a hard reset?
    09-17-16 03:28 PM
  3. mitchy_mitch's Avatar
    Flash it with an autoloader. That's all you can do

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    09-17-16 08:25 PM
  4. anon(3072139)'s Avatar
    It sometimes behaves that way after the battery has been totally drained.

    Try plugging it in for a while.

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    09-17-16 08:52 PM
  5. K Ts's Avatar
    I tried to charge the phone for a while, but still doesnt respond
    09-18-16 06:44 PM
  6. eiruvrav's Avatar
    Did you try to hold down both the volume up and down keys for about 20 seconds this should reset your phone.
    09-18-16 06:45 PM
  7. Niallac's Avatar
    I tried to charge the phone for a while, but still doesnt respond
    As previously suggested, this would be consistent with a completely discharged battery. Once the voltage falls below a preset level, it can be hard to get the battery back on charge. Don't let the phone get to the point where it's turning itself off at 0%...

    Get a good charger - preferably a genuine BlackBerry one or other quality brand, with an output current of 1.5A or better.

    Connect your phone to it, if necessary using an original BlackBerry USB cable.

    Watch the status LED - flashing orange-yellow is charging. If you don't get that colour, unplug the charge cable briefly (try different periods from 0.5s to 1-3s) then reconnect. Hopefully, constantly reintroducing the charge current will 'wake' the battery protection circuit and start the charge process - keep watching the status LED. Failing that, leave it on charge overnight.

    I once had this with my old Z10. It eventually recovered after a lot of attempting to unplug/replug. Good luck.

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    09-18-16 07:02 PM
  8. Larry Ross's Avatar
    I have this same exact issue that "cropped" up on Saturday (09/17) also.

    None of the above solutions seem to work on my Classic.

    How do you "flash it with an autoloader", if the phone won't turn on to begin with?
    09-19-16 08:44 AM
  9. K Ts's Avatar
    I've tried all suggestions, including reloading the software, I managed to connect the phone finally to blackberry link for a few sec and uploaded OS update, but after that phone hasn't reboot. I went to repair center, they changed the battery (49$), but still no boot, only red light flashing for few sec when I press power. I've been told that it might be the screen or charger port malfunction. estimate repair cost 139$..ugh
    09-26-16 04:58 PM

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