1. joaopedro122's Avatar
    Hey guys, I've got a classic for 2 mounths I think, I bought it from my friend
    then it worked 100% for days, the first problem was fixed with an autoloader
    some days after, it stopped to turn on, I tried for days, and finally had sucess
    recently I bought a new display, and when I tried to turn the phone on, neither led nor anything lit, same as last time
    I tested the battery with a voltmeter, and it is passing the voltages correctly
    I washed the motherboard of the cell phone with isopropyl alcohol, but without success
    I already reviewed the fittings, everything is ok
    when I disconnect battery, a yellow led turn on for about 30s
    the battery cycle is at 602, I dont think it's bad because the phone was bought in 2016
    according to my friend, the reason he sold it was because he did not adapt to keyboard, and he knew I love bb keyboard phones...
    What else can I do?

    sorry for bad english hehe
    12-19-18 02:04 AM
  2. Eugen Unson's Avatar
    Buy a new phone

    Sent from my Secure BlackBerry Classic
    12-19-18 03:01 AM
  3. anon(916519)'s Avatar
    Sounds like you replaced and verified the external components. Not sure if trialing the phone on AC would eliminate the battery from the process?

    Anything loose / fried on the motherboard that you can see? Odd solder lugs or metal flakes making contact?

    If not I would replace the battery then the MB.

     Classic SQC100-2 |
    12-19-18 06:43 AM
  4. joaopedro122's Avatar
    I already wiped the motherboard.
    I believe that it is a problem in the battery, it is bad to know, because where I live does not have blackberrys
    and the batteries and spare parts are too expensive
    12-23-18 02:39 AM
  5. joaopedro122's Avatar
    There's 150 Dollars
    Here's 900 Reais
    it's not the best thing to do but I'll try some more, if it doesnt wake up I can get a new one
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    12-23-18 02:43 AM

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