1. bing240sx's Avatar
    so my memory card maxed out today and it sent my phone back into a default mode.... hub wouldnt initialize, all apps defaulted back and various other crap.

    i managed to get in and delete enough to get hub to initialize but then the phone rebooted... it's been 6 hours and i've let it reboot 5+ times. each time it hangs at 100% - finalizing device set up

    no battery to pull...

    what do i do to get this thing going?

    i'm naked with this phone
    04-08-15 10:58 PM
  2. Nicholas Mauro's Avatar
    What does Blackberry Link say when you plug your device in?

    BTW why did you restore your phone if your memory card is full? or by memory do you mean internal storage?

    I'm sort of confused as to why HUB etc doesn't load if an external media card is full.
    04-08-15 11:44 PM
  3. bing240sx's Avatar
    yeah i dont totally understand it myself.

    hub would not initialize, couldnt access any bb,, text etc. not even my phone book at first.

    when i plugged teh phone in it wouldnt register the blackberry ID and couldnt connect to Link
    04-09-15 12:02 AM
  4. AM Campbell's Avatar
    Have you tried a hard restart (both volume keys held down together)? The same effect as a battery pull on the older models.

    Posted from my Classic
    04-09-15 12:53 PM
  5. bl78's Avatar
    Hello ;

    A few months after you talked about your problem, I do hope you foud a solution...
    I have the same problem after accepting an update (never one day without a sollicitation to do so, I delayed for a few months but finally did it... bad idea !).
    Please tell me, how did you solved your problem ?

    I have a Classic, previously in 10.3.1.x (?? forgot it !), I received update (from my memory) and finaly it now says - BB Link still connects through USB but that's all...

    Many thanks in advance...
    08-02-15 10:27 AM
  6. bl78's Avatar
    Hello ;
    Well, having not found any other way, I finally reinstalled through Link and it worked, then I use my backups and I think I loose nothing.
    I now have (or 2576 ? understand nothing to BB version numbers !) and it seems fine.
    08-05-15 03:58 AM

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