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    I know that this has probably been hashed to death, but I have be "out of the BB loop" for some time since I have owns slab phones lately, but The introduction of the KEYone has me leaning toward going with a BB again, so much so I picked up and have been using a cheap Q10. Using that form factor has me wondering what is really preventing a "classic" styled device. I have read that android does not work on a square screen, but I believe that is still supports a 4:3 aspect ratio, and other manufactures have created square screened android devices, so I can't believe that is the only think holding this back.

    I know the KEYone is only 3/4" taller, but honestly I would love to see a classic styled BB device. Something with a Bold sized Keyboard and track pad, and all the other features of the old BB devices. Like going to vibrate mode when in a holster, mute button, convenience key, lock the phone when placed in the holster, auto answer when removed from the holster... Aaa basically I want my Bold Back LOL!

    I know I am probably in the minority, and I am likely to buy the KEYone assuming the reviews are good ounce people get their hands on it for a while...

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    Ongoing discussion going on here.
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