1. WileECoyoteBB's Avatar
    Is there a really good video of someone flying along on a Classic utilizing the shortcuts and tool belt?

    I think it'd be great to point people to a good video, I don't think the current tech reviewers are either a) well versed enough to show them off, or b) fairly anti-BlackBerry from the outset and don't show them. People are getting turned off but if a video link was posted in the comments to "check this out" it might persuade some.

    I see some of the ones BlackBerry has show some of the potential, but I think it would be an eye opener for some to see how powerful the combo of BB10 and the shortcuts are in the hands of a proficient user.

    I'm a big BB10 fan, didn't use them much before that, and used all touch devices. I never gave the Qwerty devices a look and wasn't interested. I would read the BlackBerry OS7 people complain about the lack of shortcuts in the new OS/devices and dismissed it as people stuck in the past. Now after seeing a little of how they are used I'm kind of seeing the light. I might actually give it a try,it might be the same for a lot of others.

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    12-29-14 12:38 AM
  2. VeryBumpy's Avatar
    Problem is, while the shortcuts are there on the Classic, they are somewhat poorly implemented or incomplete. Makes them more like novelties than true efficiency tools.
    12-29-14 08:10 AM
  3. WileECoyoteBB's Avatar
    I realize that all the features aren't there that used to be in the old OS, but things like using the track pad to select text and multiple items, copy and paste quickly with the menu key, quickly reply to emails with the menu key, those are time savers that you can't get right now on any touch device to my knowledge. Plus the assignable shortcuts to launch apps etc... I think it'd be nice for people to actually see those features used quickly in action.

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    12-29-14 02:51 PM

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