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    I have never escaped my phone out of hand nor I hit him, but starting 1 year ago i saw on the right upper corner that glass started to pop up out of the frame,i dind't pay attention ,and from few days ago glass pop ed out inch by inch, more and more ,from all arround the frame.
    What should i do, how can i put the screen back on his frame,i think was factory glued or somehting and that glue started to loose strenght (cheap build qualitty if you ask me)

    sorry for my english
    02-25-17 03:13 AM
  2. hazmaju's Avatar
    Had that a month ago in my lower left corner... you can lift it as I did and apply some glue, than press it back as I did. Do not peel the black spongy glue strip as it will create space in between. I did peal it and than I had to use thicker layer of epoxy glue. Did that with some tools and my glue had a thin nozel which I bent a bit and applied the glue precisely. Since than, no issues with that again.

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    02-25-17 03:23 AM

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