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    I have never had a Blackberry phone. I have tried all the others and am considering a Classic for use as a work phone.
    From what I have read, the Classic would be ideal for text, email, and pulling up info from the web. Also for taking work related photos. But how is it for connecting with Microsoft services? I use Microsoft Office Outlook for email and contact management. I also use OneDrive and OneNote a lot. I am constantly entering info into OneNote from my computer one minute and then my phone the next. I need this to be as quick and seamless as it is on Android or WindowsPhone.
    I'm also wondering what size the sim card is. I'd like to be able to swap it out of my current work phone without any hassle. I have a micro sim currently.

    Thanks for reading.


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    08-25-15 07:45 PM
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    I can answer one of your questions...the Classic uses a Nano SIM...good luck with your decision!

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    08-25-15 07:46 PM
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    As of this current moment, the only way you're going to get OneNote, is either by sideloading Snap or by using Cobalt's modified Google Play apps.

    The first option requires you to sideload Snap to your phone, while the second one allows you to just install the APK file on your phone.

    You'll need a Google Account for it to work.

    I use OneNote on my Classic. It's a bit slow, but it works. As for OneDrive, you can find it in BlackBerry World, or pay a few bucks for Play Cloud 10. RIM's, BlackBerry, OneDrive app is quite slow, so go with the second one.

    Edit: As for Email, you can sync your Outlook account in the Emails section when first setting up your device.
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    08-25-15 07:50 PM
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    Thanks. I don't think I want to bother with it if I can't get a fast smooth OneNote or OneDrive experience with it. I use those way too much. I hear that BB may be making an Android phone soon that retains all of the good features of BB. But I worry that it will slow the phone down and shorten the battery life however. I'll look into it some more. I really would like to try the Classic as I have used iPhone, Windows phone and Android but never a Blackberry. I have more than one phone, so something truly geared towards work would suit me well. Thanks for your input.

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    08-25-15 11:07 PM
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    The Slider has a more than capable processor. BlackBerry is only adding applications, it's own, to Android. It's keeping the mostly stock experience from Google. You won't have to worry about speed issues.

    We should find out more about the slider in the first week of September.

    Typed on my posh black Classic.
    08-25-15 11:15 PM

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