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    Now, hi again, i'm joining this ship that is going under water Let's pretend it's a submarine, okay?

    However, sadly, i have some problems and stuff which i wasnt expecting after reading pros and cons this week...

    1) Some weirdness with my home wi-fi.

    Sometimes it just refuses to connect to it, sometimes it "connects" but in Hub i get a message that internet is limited so it doesnt works. Crazy thing: everytime i try to connect BB to my wi-fi, all other devices at home (laptop, ipad etc.) are cut off from wi-fi until i do reboot of router.

    Additional details: my wi-fi comes from ADSL, i think, and router is Sagemcom Fast 2804V3 (provided by my net provider, here in Russia).

    2) Blackberry Protect doesnt like me? Same for anti-robinhood etc.

    I registered this and that, but, on website: can't locate or display message or make it sound etc (unable to communicate with device blabla); on Classic itself: connection to protect ain't possible. Tried on 4g and 3g mode of my sim (as you remember from above i cant wifi currently), after reboot.

    Additional details: OS is, it was out of box, and "this software is latest" i get, so if i really need to update i need to do weird autoloader things? yeah

    So yeah, these things i werent expecting, make me sad. Btw trackpad isnt a bit as i was thinking it would be... Kind of diffictult to get used to, like it doesnt always recognize my movement? Considering that my fingers always go a bit wet, and sensitivity differs for each touch? hmmmm

    Also dont hear ringtone for incoming call, despite having profile sound as "normal" etc.

    Sometimes reboot helps to call sound to appear, sometimes not. What's crazy is that in Virtual Expert both dynamics have sound yet call doesn't ring
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    02-18-17 03:21 PM
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    I find that routers act like that when you either have duplicate IP Addresses or you only allow for a very few addresses (less than the number of devices using your network).

    So I would check your DHCP settings on your router if you made changes and...

    On your new Classic, do you have Auto Obtain IP switched to on and check off Using Auto-IP (Settings-Wi-Fi-Add (+)).
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    02-18-17 06:42 PM
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    Thanks, i'll try things considering wi-fi...

    As for ring call not sounding, i went to my blackberry dealer where i bought it and they updates OS to, now it seems to be okayish with it. They said that possible reason was that in my device originally had, sound module was from, which caused problems.

    BlackBerry Protect, in another hand, manager had same problems as me on his Q10, so idk. Are Protect servers alive at all, for non-us devices?.. I still get that "unable to connect".
    02-20-17 10:21 AM
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    Thanks for sharing. It seems to me that problems with routers are eternal problems. Plus, such problems are very irritating as for me. Two days ago I had to reset my router settings, thanks god I came across othis site 192.168.l.l login and it didn't take much time. As there're lots of step-by-step instructions that are quite useful.
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    BB Protect still not connecting for me... And yeah, i need to fix my router i guess
    03-14-17 10:48 AM
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    You are not alone, it doesn't work for me either.

    Posted via my BlackBerry Classic
    03-18-17 11:06 PM

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