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    Ok so i hate things that are simple but arent. I dont understand why it is hard to make a phone that easily plugs into a computer, is recognized as an external storage device, and allows you to copy files back and forth. This "link" and "blend" stuff is crap. Everytime i plug in my Classic in to the Windows 10 computer, i am asked 4 options on my classic. Charge, install, usb... blah blah. This is every time! Why would i continually have to install drivers for it to work? Not only that, but when i chose "charge only" on other computers cause i dont want it to sync, it then disables the external hard drive functions on my main computer!

    So i just plugged it into the computer, there are no external hard drives, there are no options listed on the phone, it is just charging. How do i get to the install function so i can see the black berry as a hard drive and retrieve my files?
    07-10-16 10:22 AM
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    Connect with BlackBerry device manager.
    Should be listed below c and d drive.

    oStEd ViA   
    07-10-16 10:39 AM
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    That check list provided by BB for this problem is the worst thing I've ever seen - it assumes that it's the USB cable that is the issue and not the unclear instructions from BB and various settings that actually cause the problem. If you are using the branded cable there is no concern about it being only a charging cable. Do they read these instructions after they type them?

    After much trial and error I finally found the combination of settings that allowed my Classic to show up on my computer and show up in Link.. I'm not sure if all of these need to be set, but this is finally what worked for me and I have spent enough time already to waste any more turning off one or the other to test.

    Background: I was able to connect to my Win7 PC and Link once, long ago, and never again by USB. Often Link/Wifi worked but not always. And transferring with Device Connections via Wifi has always worked but lately the files are invisible on the PC. Finally I hit upon these settings that I didn't think needed to be switched on - nor should they be based on their descriptions. ( and certainly not just to do a back up of the device in Link)

    First: Device Manager is only for Pre OS10 devices, so get rid of that on your PC. I know it still works for some users, but it fought with Link on my system before I discovered it was a holdover from by pre OS10 devices. But even with this removed I still have two of them in my processes that I can't get rid of - why two BB?

    Install Link.

    I had to turn on ALL of these things in my phone to get it to show up in both Link and as a mass storage device (I would have accepted either right now but the normal settings alone didn't work).

    Under settings:

    Media sharing - turn on all media types - this indicates its for wifi sharing only but it seems to affect USB connectivity too.

    Storage and access: Go into "Access using USB" and turn on "Mass storage". (you can also get to this in Networks and Connections under the USB tab.)

    I also had to turn on "access using Wifi" even though I'm transferring through USB. (Why I have to enter a password and confirm it to access the device from a PC every time I turn this feature on is beyond me. Why can't the system remember this password i want to set?- shakes head )

    Device Connections: Turn on "Allow Connections" - this should only be for device to PC-device transfers (without Link) but it seems to be needed either way. This all started when I had to transfer files wirelessly using my paried PC and Device Connections. The files transferred but didn't show on the PC. They are there but invisible for some reason.

    Wifi does not need to be turned on.

    Often if it still won't show in Link, restart the computer with the phone connected via USB. Then fire up Link once everything is truly up and booted. This may be long after the desktop icons repaint.

    In addition, I have never had Link startup when a phone is connected even though I have this set to do so in the Link preferences. So you might have to start Link manually even if you have this set.
    And Link can take a huge amount of time to start up. Why can a massively complex program that does CAD or 3D animation and who's app is more than a GB in size, start up in a fraction of the time a simple file transfer utility like Link takes to boot? (probably the same reason the "Search" in the contacts section on my BB is junk - are these 5th graders programming the OS in Waterloo now?)
    07-16-16 02:04 AM
  4. blackshark's Avatar
    So with the success outlined above I went to back up my phone - sorry you can't do that with the Wifi enabled - ????? I have the connect with wifi set up to do just that. So it's either/or? If you can get the USB working you can't have wifi too? I actually burst out laughing at the stupidity of the whole thing. I'd offer my services to fix this thing that is passing for computer code at BB these days, but with the company understandably circling the drain I'll stay far away from that whirlpool.
    07-16-16 02:13 AM
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    I'm unsure why your having issues transferring over wifi.

    But if you ever have issues with connecting your phone to your computer via USB cable:
    Unplug the phone. Open device manager on your computer. Un-install and delete every BlackBerry related driver. (be sure to go the view menu, and check 'show hidden devices'). Then plug in your phone and re-install drivers.
    Re-installing them can either be done when the prompt pops up on your phone, or if you'd prefer to go to the BlackBerry website and attempt to download link again.


    If you're in a panic next time, and you don't have time to monkey with drivers, try these options to get files to your computer:
    1) make sure the file is located on your SD card on the phone. Go to system settings -> network and connections -> USB -> and check on 'USB mass storage mode'. Now, as long as this is checked, you've basically turned the phone into a large USB flash drive. When you plug your phone into your computer, you will be able to directly access the SD card, and nothing else. Open file explorer on your computer and browse to the video on your SD card.

    2) make sure the file is located on your phones SD card. Remove the SD card from the phone. Insert it into your computer.

    3) make sure you have a dropbox account(or similar online storage). Transfer the file to your remote storage, then open your computer and retrieve the file.

    4) if you have a USB OTG adapter, you can plug a flash drive(or hard drive) into that, then plug it into your phone. Now you can access your external storage from the File Manager in your phone, like shown:

    Attachment 404108

    4) if your computer has blue tooth, do a bluetooth transfer. Long press on the video, and share. Then select bluetooth.

    5) you mentioned you had a Q10. If you still do, and it still connects fine with your computer, then you can transfer the file to that phone before moving it to your computer.
    Longpress on the video in your Classic, and share via NFC. Then place the two phones back-to-back. That will then prompt a wifi-direct transfer or a bluetooth transfer.

    6) open system settings -> network and connections -> wifi -> then open the wifi-direct tab. See what compatible devices it finds. Then you can select one and transfer files to it.

    Posted via CB10
    07-16-16 08:47 AM
  6. blackshark's Avatar
    Well that victory was short lived. Just 24 hours later, smug with the idea that I had solved this, I cant transfer files any more. Some new clues though.
    I can see the Mass storage device showing up in the device manager USB tab when I plug in the phone. Some times a generic removable drive icon shows up in the "hard drives" list in my "computer" window on the right (that little folder in the Win 7 taskbar). But the device does not show up underneath the "computer" heirarchy on the bottom left of that screen. Clicking the generic removeable drive produces the "please insert a removeable drive" dialogue.
    So it is seeing the device and even knows it's a mass storage device.
    Am going to try the suggestions above - deinstalling drivers.
    There are two RIM devices in the Win 7 device manager and there should probably be only one.But no amount of effort tonight could even mount the unit as a mass storage device let alone have it show up in Link.
    07-17-16 12:09 AM
  7. blackshark's Avatar
    And where would I download the drivers? I've searched the BB site and nada. Of course it doesn't help that the link to the Desktop software for os10 is broken(par for the course I guess), but I did end up finding that page but no drivers. I already have Link installed.
    07-17-16 12:27 AM
  8. dollface's Avatar
    And where would I download the drivers? I've searched the BB site and nada. Of course it doesn't help that the link to the Desktop software for os10 is broken(par for the course I guess), but I did end up finding that page but no drivers. I already have Link installed.
    just plug in your phone to your computer, it will find the drivers and install them. Reboot your computer first
    07-17-16 09:25 AM
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    And where would I download the drivers? I've searched the BB site and nada. Of course it doesn't help that the link to the Desktop software for os10 is broken(par for the course I guess), but I did end up finding that page but no drivers. I already have Link installed.
    Those drivers are part of the software package that you download when attempting to download Link.

    I know you already have link, but you need to go to [your nation].BlackBerry.com/software/desktop/blackberry-link.html
    And click on the download icon. This will begin to download the BlackBerryDesktopSoftware_[fileversion].exe file.
    Run that executable file once it's done downloading. You will be faced with a wizard that will have 3 check boxes, one for Link, one for drivers, and one for Blend. Install your drivers.

    Posted via CB10
    07-18-16 12:04 AM

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