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    Hey guys,

    Long time no speak. Hope everyone is doing well! Have a question for you fellow Classic users. I've been on my Passport for over a year and sadly it has to go into service so I booted up my Classic which I've never used before.

    Have it all set up, and was taking a trip today and Waze, BB Maps, basically anything that uses location services does not work. Location services are on, and I see the indicator on the top, but the dumb thing can't find me. After about 10-15 minutes of driving it acquires my position, but only for a few minutes.

    In Sunny California, plenty of visibility, no clouds, etc...

    What in the world could be the problem, or has anyone else come into this same situation?

    I'm on an unlocked Classic on T-Mobile, running

    01-17-16 03:45 PM

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