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    I have a brand new classic and noticed quite a bit of light bleed around about 90% of the keys. It just seems a bit excessive to me. I compared the new one to an old one and the keyboard seems to be about 30% brighter on the new one. Due to it being so bright Im assuming that is the reason for the excessive light bleed I'm experiencing.
    Anybody else run into this? Is it normal to have so much light bleed? If the light bleed was even around every key I wouldn't care but it just seems to be all over the place... the spots are either super bright, bright, dim or none at all.

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    I've seen Classics with this issue, also seen other CB users complain about it. It seems to be a bit hit and miss with the build quality on the Classic (compared to, say, the Bold 9900). It isn't a fault (same way the slightly angled positioning of the trackpad isn't a fault) - it's just like that.

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    04-29-16 09:14 AM

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