1. Wayne_Enterprises's Avatar
    I've been absent for a while as I've been so incredibly happy with my Passport, but I had to get a Classic, as all my original frustration was with the major departures from BBOS to BB10. The marketing push from BlackBerry (if you can call it that), has been one of bringing users to the next level coming from a 9930, or for users that have left BlackBerry, or who are already on BB10, and getting them back to the "Classic" BlackBerry experience.

    One of the first things I had to check and noticed, was a feature many of you may not use, (but as anything with BBOS, the option was there, because BlackBerry users liked customization), and that features was Key Rate Settings!!!! They sure enough felt it wasn't important enough to include, but it seems to contradict their whole BlackBerry Classic experience John Chen and the like have been pushing.

    I've been annoyed and disappointed a bit in BB10 when I've had to hit keys multiple times to repeat actions when typing emails, and was very much looking forward to the little things like that coming back to the Classic.

    Maybe it will come in a future update, and maybe enough people will suggest it to BB, but sometimes you just wish they'd listen to their own words and do what they said they'd do with the Classic: bring the Classic Blackberry experience back.

    Item Number 2 for a later post: keyboard shortcuts for "Save" and "Discard" when composing an email (S & D)
    01-17-15 10:46 AM
  2. Paul Collins4's Avatar
    Another thing the R button to refresh an app doesn't work lol

    01-17-15 11:45 AM
  3. eji930's Avatar
    I'm probably not going to be able to keep this device. They failed on the internals, I couldn't even download a voicemail
    01-17-15 12:36 PM

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