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    My Classic is running ClassicSQC100-1/ and I'm on Vodafone UK. My problem is that my phone keeps turning the internet / BlackBerry services off: that little BlackBerry like logo in the corner next to the Wi-Fi status et al. When it's disappeared I find that anything that requires Internet doesn't work i.e. the browser, apps like Crackberry don't refresh and emails aren't able to get pulled down from servers.

    I find that either restarting the phone using the standard method of holding down the power button and pressing restart does the trick. I've also tried turning the SIM's radio off and on again however this doesn't always work, especially when I'm in an area with low cellular coverage.

    Is the problem with my Classic or is it a problem with Vodafone?

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    06-15-15 10:43 PM
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    I had a similar issue about a month into owning my Classic. I'm in the US on Verizon. One day I just had no network data, although calls and texts still worked. I went to the Verizon store and they switched me to a new Sim. Haven't had any problems since.

    The store rep that handled it mentioned that he had seen the same thing happening with some new Droid Turbos as well. You might try a new Sim card.

    From a Classic
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    06-16-15 07:43 AM
  3. ruhban's Avatar
    Thanks I'll have to get myself down to Vodafone

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    06-16-15 08:48 AM
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    I forgot to update you with my results. Your plan worked! Although I've gotten rid of my Classic now. It was slowly disintegrating.

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    08-30-15 10:13 AM

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