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    Hello all,

    I have been using the classic for the past few months after the screen on my passport cracked and I definitely prefer the form factor, keyboard is much better, trackpad is extremely useful, can use one handed etc.

    However, the drop in specs seems to be affecting my usual workflow.... here are some issues I have encountered and I was wondering if anybody has run into these or has any solutions:

    - slimport adapter worked perfectly on the passport but on the classic it will randomly go to static or a black screen for a few seconds periodically. So now slimport is basically worthless to me....

    - I tried using miracast since the slimport issues but it is much slower with the classic. If I play a video it stutters constantly especially if using the play on and doing something on the phone at the same time. The passport did this flawlessly.... I assume this is related to the slower hardware.

    - I use a bluetooth connected mouse often which worked fine on the passport but with the classic it will stop moving periodically and I can't move the mouse for a few seconds making it frusturating to use.

    -another issue with the mouse is that it will stop working in android apps forcing me to restart the phone to make it work again.

    -On the passport I would often use USB OTG to charge another device, essentially turning the passport into a battery backup but with the classic it doesn't seem to output enough power to charge anything or power devices that the passport had no trouble powering, even through a USB hub with multiple devices attached.

    One last thing, is there an easier way to get to menus than having to hit the b button to go to the very bottom of the page with the trackpad? For example in the hub if I want to go from say email to text messages(without touching the screen) I have to scroll all the way to the bottom in order to get to get the trackpad selector the side menu and then text messages.

    I would appreciate any help with some workarounds although I'm sure I'll probably just have to live with these problems :/ I wish they would make a classic with passport hardware or better, would be my perfect phone.
    06-08-16 04:40 PM
  2. dust08's Avatar
    I also forgot about WiFi calling. I am on T-mobile and I was excited that WiFi calling worked on the classic! That is until it stopped sending my text periodically.... requiring a restart to fix. Has anyone got a solution to this bug? This is yet another feature that I can't use now and have had to turn off.
    06-09-16 04:10 PM

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