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    My BB Classic started going nuts and doing all kind of operations by itself this morning. Then I found out my IMAP connected email was no longer connected. It also went crazy when I opened the browser and something about a cyber attack so I powered it off. When I restarted, it seemed better but the 3 dot things on the right that let you do stuff wouldn't open for a while. Now it "seems" to be OK but who knows. Is this phone infected and did some weaslebag get all the info off or something? I reset my SSL IMAp and all that but now I am just really worried. Had software release and checking for updates says it is the latest.
    04-09-16 08:21 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Freak was patched long ago - BlackBerry issues security notice for OpenSSL FREAK vulnerability | CrackBerry.com you just came across a spammy ad/site, along with unfortunate timing. Relax.
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    04-09-16 08:35 PM

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