1. Stanley008's Avatar
    did anybody come accross ghost touch issue on BlackBerry Classic?

    Today I started the phone and the phone just randomly started to touch anything... digitizer did not respond. Well ok... so I opened the phone, dissasembled it all the way, tried to reattach LCD connector... just in case of a loose connection. I turned it on - everything seemed again normal so I started to reassembe it. But after full asembly same issue... hmm..

    I figured out that the ghost issue appears If I screw the middle black bezel(the one with speakers/flashlight). Than I tried unscrew It and everything was OK. Screwed it in - again issue.. unscrewed and with hand pushed hard at the area of rear camera - upper left corner and the issue appered again. Any idea what could it be? Or what to do? Fix?

    LCD does not flicker that is 100% OK, just the digitizer does whatever it wants when its fully assembled, or pushed at the back area of camera.

    Static electricity?
    06-14-17 09:20 AM
  2. joewoo's Avatar
    I've seen this... are you using the stock charger
    06-21-17 06:28 AM

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