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    I'm on a plane right now and I'd like to share my experience thus far using my Classic. To start, they push the United app now to enjoy the free movies but there is no option for movies in the United app provided from BlackBerry World unlike the android version. The captain also said you can find them when you connect to the network and open your browser, and I found them, but was greeted with a device not supported error message when I attempted to play a movie. So I looked into the Wi-Fi for purchase and they do state upfront that streaming videos (Netflix, Hulu, etc) is not permitted but they didn't say anything about streaming music so I purchased it and found it appears they blocked Pandora but iheartradio and Spotify do work for me as does surfing the net, Facebook, and all that jazz. When it was time for me to charge my Classic, I discovered my factory BlackBerry charger does not work in the outlet. I tried with my wife's Galaxy as well and it would not charge hers either. But when I plugged in my wife's dollar store charger, it worked perfectly, go figure. Well, clearly I'm bored, but maybe this will help somebody who is preparing to fly soon with there BlackBerry. Take care everyone.

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    07-28-15 07:55 PM

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