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    My apologies in advance for the long post. I'm still using 9930's for my business and am thinking of upgrading to the Classic. Before I do, I was hoping to get some feedback on the contact group functionality that exists on the classic. I tried getting some clarifications at a local Verizon store, but that was pointless.

    We use an exchange server and an older version of bes for our outlook-to-device wireless synchronization. I have hundreds of contact groups that I create and constantly modify in outlook...some have 5 email addresses...others have 50. Whenever I create (or modify) a contact group in outlook, it wireless synchs to my 9930 device. This is the only way to manage the hundreds of emails that get sent daily to various teams of people across the country.

    I realize that an upgrade to the Classic will result in my losing the wireless synching of contact groups. I will be synching to my exchange server via ActiveSync, and ActiveSync does not support the synching of contact groups. So I will have to manually re-create each contact group on the device. My main question is this -- if a single contact in outlook has multiple email addresses, and I want to add all of those email addresses in a contact group, is that doable? Android's OS only allows you to use a "primary" email address for a contact you're adding to a group created on the device....if you want to use different email addresses for the same person, you have to create new contact cards for each address for that person and then add each of them..that is a non-starter for me.

    Also, does anyone successfully use waze on the classic?

    My initial plan was to hold out for Windows 10 phone, as the specs for it will include an led notifier and they do support contact groups. Believe it or not, no other device has an led notifier AND also supports contact group functionality like I need it. Just blackberry and the upcoming windows 10 phone. Only problem is that the recent news coming out of Microsoft seems to put their handheld division on a death track.

    Sorry again for the long post. Any feedback is really appreciated.
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    07-11-15 07:33 PM
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    Waze: You can get it on the Amazon App Store (that comes preloaded on the Classic).

    I'll try to look into groups, but I am neither an Exchange nor an MS Outlook user...

    Well, I created a group... Was pretty much add the whole contact to it, no option to select a specific email...
    07-11-15 11:37 PM
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    Also, does anyone successfully use waze on the classic?
    I use Waze on my Classic... Functions perfectly sans the black screen that hangs out for 30seconds when you 1st open the app... Once that 30second loading period upon initial start-up passes it runs as normal... I have had an issue with functionality otherwise...

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    07-12-15 09:22 AM

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