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    The New York Times did an article on just realeased BB Classic and overall was positive although they said the 8 megepixal camera was atrocious producing dark blurry images and over exposed images outdoors to me that sounds like the 9900 camera surely after 3 years the camera would be better .Has anyone tried the Classic camera out ? and how close is the NYT on this .
    12-18-14 08:40 AM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    Not sure if it's a hardware issue or if they just don't have the experience in house to really get the software right.... but most all BB10 devices suffer from issues with the camera, so I think it's really a software issue.

    Haven't heard problems with overexposure, but most BlackBerries need a lot of light or a very steady hand (tripod) to get good pictures. While you will soon find a number of pictures show up and stating how great the camera is on the Classic.... you'll find that for the average use who might have once used a iPhone or Android device, their impression will be the camera is not very good.

    For Apple I think the Camera Hardware, Software and editing Software ARE a priority... and it shows. BlackBerry has other priorities and thus the camera is functional, just not much more than that.
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    12-18-14 09:24 AM

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