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    Would you say that the typing experience is much better on the Classic as opposed to the Q10

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    I'd say yes, for sure. I enjoy typing on the Classic more than I was on the Q10. Having said that, the Q10 has far from a bad keyboard, it is really good. Just the Classic feels better:
    The tactile feedback is more obvious
    The keys are raised farther out
    The keys are slightly wider which indeed helps
    The keys are shaped in a raised design

    The downside is, typing on the keyboard is louder compared to my Q10.

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    Mmm BBQ

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    Let me put it simple for you:

    If you are buying on contract: Get the Classic
    If you are buying off contract: Get the Q10.

    Q10 was designed to be a flagship phone at launch with $700 price tag now being sold for around $200 off contract.

    The Classic was designed to be a $500 midranger, now being sold without any discounts because it is still new.

    Even though the Q10 can be had for the half of the cost of a Classic, you get the advantages such as
    - Removable battery
    - Higher ppi display.
    - FM Radio tuner.
    - Better speaker.
    - Manufactured by BlackBerry as opposed to Foxcon

    The Classic was supposed to be better than the Q10 in every aspect, especially at twice the cost.

    The Classic is a step forward from the Q10, but not at double the cost of a Q10.

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    The Classic does have an FM radio tuner, and the speakers on the Q10 were nothing short of immense!

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    02-08-15 05:53 AM
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