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    1.My classic started to have issues lately,shutting down suddenly with battery showing 60% and other problems.I have decided to make a fresh soft install but its my first time.
    Can anyone show me a step by step way for this?
    I tried to find the way by reading the new leaked OS10 version on forum but didnt find an autoloader for Classic SQC100-1.
    2.I have managed to save my contacts to a vcf file and then exported to gmail.How can i bring them back to classic after fresh install?

    Thank you!
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    11-30-17 05:47 AM
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    1) The Classic uses the same autoloader as the Z30, so any autoloader marked Z30 will work. The (latest) autoloaders are here: https://mega.nz/#F!bQNCFCDZ!xFYy9V_nAM2PiaN_ZRFd1A
    2) Set up the Gmail account in BB Hub once you've updated.
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    11-30-17 09:59 AM
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    thank you so much thurask,worked like a charm,now time will tell if the shutdown problem will occur again!
    11-30-17 12:10 PM
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    new /fresh OS on my 4 yo classic,working great so far,feels like i have a new phone ,no more shutdowns and battery works better than ever
    12-03-17 03:25 AM
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    the story continues..in a not a good way...So after all you read it above,things are not going well.After few days the battery started to discharge and charge very fast but working a good ammount of time even at 0% ....wow.After 1 week i have decided to replace the battery with a new one.Bought today from a local store,i hope a new one,at least that way was advertised put it in my classic and after power on,batt status showed 100% and in seconds dropped to 20% and then fast to zero %,checked in BBVE and health shows a red dot the same way as the old battery.
    Now the phone is on charge but i see the same fast charge like before,in 15 minutes goes to 100% allready
    Where is the problem?

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    I had the same problem, this is perhaps a solution (it worked for me). Use your phone until it dies completely (even if the battery shows 0% it should still run). After your phone dies plug it in and let it charge without using it until the indicator is green (best done at night before going to sleep so you won't / don't need your phone). Keep an eye on your battery status either via bbve or an app called "battery charger". You may need to do this a few times before you see full results. If there are any other questions or I am not being clear fell free to post below or pm me.
    12-14-17 10:50 AM
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    thank you for fast answear,maybe i will try this though i understand that doing that way can damage the battery.
    Anyway,the big question is why is this happening with a new battery?
    12-14-17 10:56 AM
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    Sometimes a new battery needs to reset itself you can try to reloaded to os using an auto loader first if that doesn't work try what I mentioned.
    12-15-17 12:03 AM
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    After last night charge,today ,BBVE battery status is yellow,no more red,and after all day normal use the level is 41% (16 hours).I hope after few more charges the health become green and things are back to normal....i will update with info in the nexy days.
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    12-15-17 04:03 PM
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    I really don't understand what is happening..
    BBVE health status turned RED again,what it can be a software error or the new battery its not ...new??Also i have made some screens with different battery apps that shows different statements:who lies and who tells the true ?Classic autoloader-img_20171217_100854.pngClassic autoloader-img_20171217_100905.pngClassic autoloader-img_20171217_100923.pngClassic autoloader-img_20171217_100940.png
    12-17-17 02:18 AM
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    Next time you charge your phone, watch (if possible) to see if it charges properly. If it jumps from 70% to full it's not charging properly and try what I mentioned. If it's charging properly you may have another problem and you might need to reinstall the software.
    12-17-17 10:15 PM
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    Hi,a did what you told me,discharging the b attery completely,it was a lot of work cause he stayed 3 hours at 0 % with full stress ,then, after the phone shutdown I let it charge all night long but I did observed that the led turned green very fast like 2 hours,but I didn't unplugged till the morning.Now unplugged the charger ,started the phone and..bAaaam battery level is only 76%.....after all night??crazy.Good news is that bbve shows green health status.What should I do next?

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    12-18-17 12:38 AM
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    Keep an eye on the status of your battery. If you see after a charge it goes down in strength (or the health goes down to yellow in bbve) let the phone go dead again as you did. If the health improves then your good to go.
    12-18-17 09:53 AM
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    thanks again for helping...
    Look at this strange graph including the last night charge (with closed phone): idk why the charging line is down bellow for the all charging time
    Classic autoloader-img_20171218_193308.png
    12-18-17 11:43 AM
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    It seems you may have a problem with either the charging sensor or your charger are you using your original charger? Perhaps try a different charger and see if it makes a difference.
    12-18-17 03:26 PM
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    I'm using 9780 charger on classic for many years,i will try with the original one

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    12-18-17 03:52 PM
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    I have charged the phone with a samsung charger and so far so good,after 36 hours still going well Classic autoloader-img_20171220_182823.png
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    12-20-17 10:31 AM

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