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    I was on a call late the other night, I was sleepy and my battery low, I nodded off and my phone died. When I woke at 4am, I plugged it in to charge, left it for a while. When I turned it on, it showed the phone app opened on the screen. I closed it, then nothing else would open. I restarted it. Again, the phone app was open, so I closed it. Again, other apps would not respond. I restarted again, left the phone app open, but tested other apps. Some would open. I could text just once, then I got a message that Text would not save. I shut the phone off. Let it rest for a few minutes, and tried again. When powered on again, the apps I opened previously were ghosts. If I tapped the open app, it closed. If I used the app menu to open an app, it sometimes open. I have soft reset and hard reset. I took time the past two days to rescue photos. The camera app and picture app show no items everytime. I used the file manager to copy to SD card then to a USB key.

    I can factory reset if necessary, but I'd rather not have to if anyone has any suggestions. I have let the phone die a couple times to drain the battery, but nothing has worked.

    I have run the BBVR, and everything works but opening apps to change settings (ie. Mic and Location settings).

    I LOVE my classic. I don't want another BlackBerry running an android OS. Ugh. Please help.
    11-30-18 12:50 PM
  2. lovebbgirl's Avatar
    I have nevr had a problem with my Classic until this happened. I had to register at CrackBerry today for the first time.

    I'm very sad.
    11-30-18 01:37 PM

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