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    Wireless charging is intriguing. No "jiggle" to assure contact, I assume. . My questions are:
    1) does it require a "fixed" battery design?
    2) can it charge a spare battery?
    3) can it charge as fast as charging contacts?
    4) can it coexist with a cradle's external antenna provision? (SmoothTalker car kit amplifier, for example)
    5) can it be powered via automotive 12vdc?
    6) is it "green"? (might inductive losses add up Globally?)
    7) is there a thread devoted to wireless charging?

    A redundant charging provision additional to usb is always reassuring.
    1) no, Samsung phones support it via a card insert while maintaining removable batteries
    2) there are microusb adapters to add Qi charging, so yes
    3) currently limited to about 3w on my Z30, but updated standards allow for faster
    4) doesn't effect antenna or reception
    5) yeah it just depends on what charger you buy (see Nokia Qi car dock)
    6) there is some minor efficiency loss. It's well documented on the internet
    7) there are many threads here that talk about it. Also tons more if you search online you will be able to answer any question you have

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