04-14-15 12:22 PM
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    ACTUALLY all canadian providers have been doing this recently despite CRTC rulings stating that you can buy full price/outright and request to unlock. When the PP was announced and the devices started appearing at dealers,chains and Corp stores NOONE I spoke to was willing to sell me one at full price outright and indicated I needed to activate on a new line!

    It really was a joke! Despite the CRTC law it is not enforced!

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    No actually it's the individual sales people. It's their commission. Nothing for outright selling phones vs commission for activating a new line. Salespeople will say anything to make a commission...

    There's no corporate policy on not selling phones outright.

    And CRTC doesn't have power to make "laws". They write code of conducts, that's about it. But what can you expect from a self-regulating industry.
    04-14-15 12:12 PM
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    Sorry for my question. Why not buying unlocked through shopblackberry.com? You are not looking for subsidy right?

    I am in Mexico and the only official way to buy it was doing this. So I did it but paid a high price due customs.


    From my Classic
    04-14-15 12:22 PM
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