1. sixline's Avatar
    Hi there, I am living in Saudi Arabia and I successfully purchased apps before through my carrier. But since this morning I am unable to purchase any app and all apps prices are now being shown in US dollar instead of Saudi Riyal. Whenever I click purchase this message is shown:

    The payment method is currently unavailable...

    Please see attached screen shot.

    Thanks for your help!

    Can no longer purchase apps via service provider on my Classic-img_20160724_165942.png

    Posted via The Classic
    07-24-16 04:23 PM
  2. curves2000's Avatar
    I believe previously BlackBerry allowed direct carrier billing. If this was a feature you used to have than perhaps it's a feature that has been dropped?

    I believe it was a feature in many of the emerging markets where BlackBerry and BBOS devices were really strong. I believe it also had something to do with credit card penetration rates as well.

    Have you tried contacting your carrier directly?


    Posted via CB10
    07-24-16 08:07 PM
  3. sixline's Avatar
    Thanks for reply. No I didn't contact my provider as it is worthless here. But I just used this service 2-3 days ago. Its really sad if this service has dropped as there is no other service except credit card (which I don't have) to purchase on app world.

    Posted via The Classic
    07-24-16 09:37 PM

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