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    Hi, I've just updated from my trusty Curve to a new snazzy Classic but am having a problem with the calendar/reminder programme. On the Curve there was a simple system. I put a reminder/appointment on there, set it for a 15 minute reminder, it pinged once (enough, as I could always "sleep it" for any extra reminder ) and that was that. I had weekly/fortnightly/monthly tasks on there and the reminders repeated as regularly as clockwork. No problems! BUT!!! The Classic is not that simple. First of all it kept picking up all sorts of weird posts from Facebook (I don't use FB much) reminding me about activities of acquaintances. It also started 24 hours before these activities and appeared on the "Hub" every time I unlock the phone. Frustrating. I have now sorted this by tightening up the settings. The Classic will not access my contact list though and does not pick up birthday/anniversaries from there. It also starts flagging my tasks 24 hours before they are due, and then promptly forgets the reminders, so I was endlessly reminded for the first few weeks, but not at all now. It's like the phone has Alzheimers...constantly stressing about short term tasks, nut then forgets totally. Has anyone else experienced this?
    I have tried BlackBerry help. It's a weird system. I have a complex problem and the only help they offer me is via Twitter (I don't Tweet) using 140 characters per message.
    My perfect solution would be to delete the calendar/reminder app from the Classic and transfer the Curve programme. Is this possible?
    Any help would be gratefully received.
    07-03-15 05:38 AM
  2. diegonei's Avatar
    Hmm, you should have paid more attention to setting up....

    Settings > Accounts > Facebook > turn off calendar notification and sync off.

    Calendar > Slide from top > Settings > General > adjust snooze time

    As for task reminders, you'll probably gonna have to go into each of them and fix manually.

    But here is the thing pal, I don't hav any of those issues and I use those same features. It's likely to be a problem in the source, making the Classic go bonkers. Check the source and post back.
    07-03-15 10:42 AM

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