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    I have a newish BB Classic with BB10 OS.

    I took some photo's earlier at a special family event not having carry room for my camera.

    I came home booted up the BB desktop software opened up file manager and copied the photos to my computer. All was well and as I'd done before with my previous older BB Bold. Indeed so comfortably well I opted to delete the copies on the phone (stupid mistake).

    I then found I could not open the pictures. The Windows 10 photo viewer just says 'we could not open this file'. I've tried PS, and every other type of viewer on pc and no luck.

    The files (10 of them) do show as jpegs on computers explorer and do have a range of sizes. I suspect encryption might be issue (its a work issued BB and they have set the policy that SD cards are encrypted - no choice) and the BB camera is set to save direct to SD.

    Now I say its an encryption issue but after some googling have to say the file names do not have 'rem' in them eg of one is IMG_20150802_152753.jpg.

    I copied the pictures back (using the BB desktop software) onto same BB classic phone and tried both phone memory and SD card and none of them will open. I can see them in the phones file manager , but the picture viewer can't and when I click on them they don't open.

    I've tried changing file name but doesn't work.

    I wondered if the deleted originals (deleted from file manager in BB Blend desktop software) were stashed in some hidden delete / recycle bin. But can't see any such.

    The files did full copy across when I moved them using Blend to desktop.

    I will be desperately sad to have lost these. Made worse by fact they are staring at me 'looking normal' on my computer.

    Can anyone suggest anything ?
    08-04-15 11:10 AM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    From what i understand you need to UNENCRYPT the card in order to move the pictures off the card and view them somewhere else. Search the forums here and see what others have said. I fear you can't view those photos.But maybe someone had tried a trick that will work for you.
    08-04-15 12:40 PM
  3. rthonpm's Avatar
    You don't necessarily need to decrypt the card or device to view pictures on another device so long as you're using Link or Blend to transfer the files, which decrypts them before sending to their external destination.

    It sounds as if your pictures were corrupted somehow, especially since you can see them in the handset's file manager, but not in the pictures app. Is the SD card new? I had similar issues with my wife's Q10 when the SD card was corrupted.
    08-04-15 12:48 PM
  4. Fastmarc's Avatar
    No need to decrypt the SD. As said above, use Link or Blend and the files transferred will be decrypted.
    Since you initially didn't use Link to move the file to the pc, try putting it back the original (no adjustment to name, etc) on the SD using just the USB mode just in case Link is doing something like re-encryting an already encrypted file. The phone should be able to open. If not, like suggested above, the files might have become corrupted.
    Next time consider using something like Box to automatically backup the photos. The copies on Box will not be encrypted.

    Posted via CB10
    08-04-15 02:06 PM

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