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    Hello Crack-ers!

    I use a Blackberry Classic. Can someone guide me if I can edit my Contact list using the Blackberry Link or some other reliable app?

    My contact list has got synchronised with a colleague's and is all messed up with over 4800 contacts, most of which are duplicated/triplicated.

    How best to resolve this?

    Pankaj Jaju, Goa, India
    03-27-15 10:49 PM
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    You cannot edit contact via Link.

    Contact app is a messed up one if you don't follow certain criteria. Check OS 10 forum and search for 'contact app' to see some understanding.

    This apart, Help on Contact App right on device is a good starting point.
    03-28-15 01:26 AM
  3. anon(2325196)'s Avatar
    There is no way to do that in Link. What you can do is setup a Gmail account for contacts only. Then add that 'contacts only' account to your BlackBerry Classic (just pick 'contacts' and leave out 'calendar' and 'email' when you add it). Once all 4800 contacts are sync'd from your device to your new 'contacts only' Gmail account, you can use Gmail to get rid of all the duplicates automatically, within your computers web browser. Once you have your list established without the duplicates within Gmail on your computer and then removed all your local device contacts, it will sync back to your device that way (without the duplicates). I had to fix up a friends 6000 plus BlackBerry contact list by removing all the duplicates, so I did the steps and it worked like a charm, and it was fast too.


    Once you create and then add the new 'contacts only' Gmail account to your BlackBerry, do this to fix the duplicates:

    Step 1:

    - Open your 'contacts only' Gmail account in a Web browser on your computer.

    Step 2:

    - Click the 'Gmail' drop-down menu near the top left of the Web page. This is located above the 'Compose' button.

    Step 3:

    - Click 'Contacts' in the drop-down menu.

    Step 4:

    - Click the 'More' drop-down menu above the list of your contacts and click 'Find & merge duplicates.' A summary of the duplicates Gmail found will appear with the number of duplicate entries listed beside each duplicate.

    Step 5:

    - Click the 'Details' option beside the duplicates you see to ensure that the contact entries are in fact duplicates.

    Step 6:

    - Click 'Merge' when you're ready to merge the duplicates.


    You can either delete the Gmail 'contacts only' account when you're done, or keep it for this purpose. Use it as a backup of your contacts that is always available to you. I guess it just depends how you feel about using Gmail.

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    03-28-15 01:37 AM
  4. Pankaj Jaju's Avatar
    Hello Buckwylder,

    Thanks a lot for your help, with detailed step-by-step navigation.

    I think that I and my colleague have both synchronised our smart phones with our business email (we have a common business email on gmail platform). Since many of our business contacts are common, they have all synchronised and have been added to both our phones.

    I hope I am clear to you


    1. After merging the contacts on the gmail account, how do I Žxport the merged contacts to my Blackberry?
    2. How do I de-synchronise my Black Berry with my gmail account?

    Can you please help, with detailed step-by-step?

    Thanks a lot,

    Pankaj Jaju
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    03-31-15 10:18 PM

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