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    Where do get a detailed description on properly customizing my chosen six contacts only, with their own email, text and phone alert. So far its way too different from my retired 9360 curve - on this new Classic.

    Eg: In the custom contact settings - on "loud" it says "copy text from this field" etc., (what?). In addition, the pull down for quick settings on the home screen, does not have a "loud" category, it only goes to "normal"... (?)

    I lost one booking due to not hearing an alert, that I thought I'd set. Ouch.

    The six contacts are different people, but same industry. My preference is they all have the same alerts for em., txt. and phone. (Their ID name will tell me who it is, when the alert displays during whichever method is used) So six custom being the same, is my preference.

    Can some answer here, or suggest another forum? Is there a detailed tutorial somewhere on the phone ("help") or on BB's site? I just looked at BB's YouTube channel and there's nothing specific for the contact alerts that I saw.

    Part of this question is also that the curve on "silent" ONLY, would override the customs I had, so that when needed I didn't need to turn off the phone as I did yesterday - due to on "silent", I think the custom alerts would still sound. Can that be done on the classic? Thx, Frank
    05-28-15 11:13 AM

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