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    So today my classic randomly started giving me the error message "the camera can't be started" every time I try to open it. My flashlight also will not work. Then I tried to connect to blackberry blend to back everything up so I can do an at&t phone-insurance-claim-thing but apparently my device also can't even connect to blackberry blend now either. I've only had this phone for a month and 3 days. It has the newest version of blackberry 10, the blackberry blend program on my computer is also the newest version, and I've already restarted my phone aaaand tried the volume button reboot multiple times. Halp?

    Posted via CB10
    05-26-15 12:57 AM
  2. moegh's Avatar
    First to backup u need BlackBerry link.
    If you're using the beta version of blend on your phone then u have to install the beta version for your pc.
    Try to hold volume up and down till the phone turns off and then try to open the camera again

    CB10 - Q10 -
    05-26-15 02:06 AM

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