1. Jason Byers's Avatar
    Hi. I had to remove and re-add my business gmail through microsoft active sync. It's been 11 hours and the calendar is still not completely synced. Normal?
    06-30-15 10:19 AM
  2. diegonei's Avatar
    Force the sync. Turn airplane mode on, wait 60 seconds, turn it off.
    06-30-15 11:44 AM
  3. Jason Byers's Avatar
    Thank you! You don't happen to have google apps business email do you?
    06-30-15 01:06 PM
  4. diegonei's Avatar
    Thank you! You don't happen to have google apps business email do you?
    I do happen to have google apps business email.
    06-30-15 03:09 PM
  5. Jason Byers's Avatar
    First off, unfortunately the 'airplane mode' solution still hasn't help sync all my calendar events...Very strange.

    Also, I've been having problems off and on with my google apps business mail arriving in the hub. It's particularly horrible now, which is why I removed the account and re-added it. It didn't help. I use the following setup:

    06-30-15 05:31 PM
  6. diegonei's Avatar
    I have a Google apps email set on my Z30 and all I did to get everything working was add the account to the device. No need to select anything special.

    Here is what I'd do:
    • Remove account from device;
    • Give it clear 5 minutes to get all data deleted;
    • Hold the top buttom till you get a red LED followed by the BlackBerry logo (ignore on screen turn off/reboot);
    • (optional) Double check I have the most current OS;
    • (optional) Update the OS;
    • Add the account back the simple way;
    • Give it 5 minutes to sync;
    • (optional) Reboot again (as described above).
    07-01-15 07:36 PM

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