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    My calendar on my Classic is having serious issues. Suddenly shutting down, scrolling constantly through dates. Randomly deleting appointments... I've had to use another device now and I'm waiting to get a new paper planner. What is going on with this "state of the art" system. I've enjoyed the phone until now so I'd love to have it back.

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    08-31-15 05:52 PM
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    First of all, calm down, take a breather, this should be easy to solve.

    Try the BB10 battery pull: Hold the top buttom till you see a red LED followed by the BB logo.

    ALSO, you should check:
    • How long is the sync and keep settings set to be?
    • How much free memory does your device have (storage, not RAM)?

    Both things could be causing your device to delete data (it should go for the oldest first in this case... Should....). If the settings are fine, the reboot should fix the issue, if they aren't, then you have to either change them to something that doesn't delete your stuff OR talk to your IT admin (in case there is one setting things up for you).
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    08-31-15 06:04 PM
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    Already running a bit smoother after "battery pull" thanks. It looks like I have lots of memory left (5g) and I changed the sync time from 30 min to 2 hours - so ill see if that makes a difference, but I've never done the hard reset before so that'll probably help.

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    08-31-15 10:41 PM
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    Well, I thought things were fine. Just went to add appointment - from month view - pick day - add new - calendar abruptly closes. This has only been happening for the last 2 months. Not always, but I also get the calendar constantly scrolling through months when I open it and there's nothing to do but close it and wait and hope it doesn't do it again.

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    09-01-15 08:22 PM
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    Tell me in details what you have in the device that is related to the calendar (apps, settings, accounts, etc). Are you on BES?

    Also, the 'ghostly' behaviour you just described usually can be found when a device is charging and there is something interfering with the whole thing (defective cable/port, wrong charger, etc). You didn't have it plugged then, did you?

    Anyway, give us more details, the calendar app should not be doing any of this.
    09-01-15 09:10 PM
  6. Paul Miller2's Avatar
    When it fails, it's not charging. Sometimes there are multiple apps running but it happens when it's the only app running as well. Not on BES. I'm just a small business and use Gmail for an easy sync/backup system. The only settings I've ever changed in regards to the calendar have been sync intervals but I did try to refresh my settings for the phone from ulimate backup when I switched from Z10 to Classic, though that was 6 months ago and this problem has only been the last 6-8 weeks. I install the recommended updates when they pop up but that's it.

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    09-01-15 09:19 PM
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    I may have a few apps on the phone that will sync their info with my Calendar but I rarely use them and never the calendar syncing tool.

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    09-01-15 09:20 PM
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    About updates... Did you do 10.2.1 > 10.3.1 > 10.3.2 all OTA? Did you your carrier skip 10.3.1? In both cases there is a small chance that the OTA update mess up your device. It's a Classic... It shipped with 10.3.0? Or was it .1?

    I don't wanna say wipe the device but since we can't isolate the cause, going clean slate on it could be the solution. Hope it doesn't come to that!
    09-01-15 10:17 PM
  9. Paul Miller2's Avatar
    It came with 10.3. The 10.3.1 was auto updated on the first startup. I'm going to start with cleaning up all the apps first and do another hard reset. Maybe delete the calendar accounts and reload. Go from there. I will check at each step since, though it's not regular it's predictable enough to happen a couple times a day. I will post with the success.

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    09-01-15 10:27 PM

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