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    On the 6th of October I got a new BlackBerry Classic. A month later I noticed that the symbol key had fallen off so I took it back to carphone warehouse. They said that the warranty had just run out and that they would need to send it away but kindly lent me a phone for the 2 weeks that it was away. I've just got it back from them, not fixed because they say that Blackberry said it was damaged it and it will cost me 169.99 for repair. I'm very careful with my phone since it is I'm self employed and it is my lifeline. I haven't dropped it or damaged it in any other way. It has just been either on my desk or in the phone compartment of my handbag. Is there any known problems with the keys falling off? I would appreciate any comments.
    11-21-15 08:31 AM
  2. bhoqeem's Avatar
    You could try replacing the keyboard, either by yourself or have a professional to do it. Google around ebay or your local online shops for keyboard replacement for Classic.
    11-21-15 09:40 AM

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