1. liapa's Avatar
    my old BB classic fell and its screen broke. i have used it for about a month. until it stopped working. the screen goes black after i enter the password.
    the bb is not recognized by computer.
    i wanted to see what can be done/ if anything to transfer the data to the new BB classic.
    05-02-17 02:27 PM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    Getting LINK to work can be like fighting a windmill..... there are a number of things to try, but in the end there is no guarantee.

    Delete all BlackBerry software - drivers, LINK and Blend, reboot.
    Go into regedit and remove all instances of BlackBerry, reboot.
    Download latest version of BlackBerry Software package.
    Disable all malware, virus and firewall software.
    Run the installation as an administrator
    reboot and see if it works.
    Turn all the utilities back on... see if it still works.

    If not do a search here on "LINK not working"... as there are other issues. One some have found is an iTunes file fix.

    Otherwise that are apps in BlackBerry World that can backup some of your data.... for one see Firechest Ultmate Backup.
    05-02-17 03:38 PM
  3. erose75's Avatar
    You could try installing a new screen. Not sure if it's as easy as the Q10 since it doesn't have the removable battery cover, but you might search youtube and then see what you can find for screens. It could be a bigger problem though if it comes on for the password but then goes dark. Could be a motherboard issue...or it could just be something in the screen connector...the latter could be fixed by a new screen which should come with a connector attached (if they are similar to the Q10).
    05-02-17 03:52 PM

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