1. sidtek50's Avatar
    I bought it from CEX in the UK. They specialise in 2nd hand goods - the phone was listed as B grade (it has the tiniest of scuffs on the top. Unless I pointed it out, you'd not even see it). They said the phone was unlocked. I got it home and it turns out, it's not unlocked.

    I would normally be willing to pay to have it unlocked and take the hit, BUT, I updated the Classsic via wifi and it updated to It wont update any further. Does that mean the carrier hasn't pushed down the latest update??

    I'm considering taking it back tomorrow for a refund. isn't the latest OS (I know that's not the shops fault before anyone points that out), but it's locked, when it was advertised as unlocked, so it's useless to me.

    I swear, everytime I buy a Blackberry handset, I get unlucky with something - whether it's brand new or used. Argh!
    01-15-17 11:15 AM
  2. hplovecraft's Avatar
    If you can...why would you not take it back for a refund? There are many other used Classics on the market.

    CB10 on my Classic
    01-15-17 11:18 AM
  3. One Brain Cell's Avatar
    Damn, that's a shame. I bought my Classic from CeX as well (I'm typing this reply on it). It was A grade, all original box, leads still wrapped and unused (and unlocked). It was a great way to get an expensive phone for a much better price, and the phone has worked fine since Day 1.

    Would love to find a Priv or Mercury there one day, this has been my first phone with a physical keyboard and it is very cool, especially when combined with the predictive text option switched on!

    Posted via CB10
    01-23-17 09:43 AM

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